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comfort23 Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 19. Sept. 2017. 20:59

comfort23 user
ramal Excellent (5)
(Reply) 25. Aug. 2017. 22:17

ramal user
Hello, I am foreign and I want to book a ride and I have not
Hungary or another countries phone number. For this reason I can not verify booking.
Shayeganrad Regular (3.1)
(Reply) 19. Jun. 2017. 07:09

Shayeganrad user
is there any possibility for going to Budapest-airport from Szeged by Oskar? thanks

Ketevan Regular (3.4)
(Reply) 09. Jun. 2017. 15:55

Ketevan user
Hello, I want to pay via Bank Card but I couldn't find a section for it. What can I do ? Thanks.