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sophieral Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 03. Feb. 2023. 11:46

sophieral user
Hello everyone!
I need a ride from Budapest to Veszprém on February 07 in the morning around 7 am or 8 am.
Please let me know if anyone is going, thank you very much!
(Reply) 08. Dec. 2022. 15:45

toddheath66 user

I need two suitcases of aid to be taken to the train station in Mukachevo from Budapest. It is aid for soldiers, bandaids, aspirin and tournequets. One is gifts for 5 boys who lost their dad in the war. Will pay for the time and also tickets if someone wants to take train there from Budapest.
Mariela Excellent (5)
(Reply) 25. Aug. 2022. 14:50

Mariela user
Hi! I need a ride from Passau to Budapest on September 11th, leaving Passau from 3 pm to 4 pm the latest. Please let me know if anyone is going, thanks so much!
(Reply) 21. May. 2022. 20:54

suzanasimunovic user
We need a ride from Buapest airport to hotel Feros Szeged for Monday 23 rd. We are arriving about 15:40 to airport. There will be two adult persons. Any reply is appreciated, thanks in advance, regards.
Aishak Excellent (5)
(Reply) 08. Jul. 2021. 18:46

Aishak user
Hello. I'm looking for a driver to drive us from Budapest to Pécs, after 21:00 this sunday 11th July. Please message me if you are going!!
g_abdelhadi Bad (0.1)
(Reply) 18. Mar. 2021. 09:22

g_abdelhadi user
I need to book a trip from Budapest airport to Miskolc tomorrow Friday 19th March. The flight will arrive at 1:00 p.m. and we can move around 2:30. This trip for me, my wife and a baby of one year. So could you please confirm my request with details.

Thanks in advance
Zilan Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 27. Jan. 2021. 06:03

Zilan user
I would like to have a trip in peace !!!
(Reply) 20. Oct. 2020. 06:17

Tariqmalik13156 user
I am trying to book the car but it says i am not a member of a closed group. For that driver has limited the booking.
axl4u2 Excellent (5)
(Reply) 30. Aug. 2020. 22:49

axl4u2 user
Dear drivers,
If you are still rejecting foreigners people of your rides even we live here in Hungary for long time, PLEASE state in your promotion we accept only HUNGARIANS and do not make us lost our time. Rejected from 3 drivers. If we choose this service is because is a win-win.
axl4u2 Excellent (5)
(Reply) 30. Aug. 2020. 22:46

axl4u2 user