What is Motar?

Motar (i.e MOre Than A Ride) started to operate by the end of November 2007. Its aim is to provide travel mates for drivers on the road wishing to reduce their costs or to have a pleasant trip.
On the other hand, for passengers, it is to find a less expensive, faster and more flexible way of travelling instead of the slow public transport with "unrealiable" service. Help is provided by the driver-passenger mediator, also known as ridesharing website.



Telefon (8 am - 5:30 pm): +36 1/6333-696

Press contact:

Hungarian press relation » +36 20 363 04 25 - Prácser Attila
International press relation » +36 20 363 04 25 - Prácser Attila

Founders of Motar Attila Prácser co-founder Máté Gyürüs co-founder

Company name: telekocsi Kft
Address: 67. Hegedűs Gyula u. Budapest, 1133
VAT number: 24064253-1-41
Company registration number: 01-09-988724
Server operator: Linode LLC, London Datacenter (TelecityGroup)

Founders, developer and operators (with heart and soul) :)

Máté Gyürüs co-founder (
Attila Prácser co-founder (

Our supporting sponsors:

Design development assisted by Klein Péter, Rendes webdevelopment
Motar mobile application is developed by Zen Heads Kft.
Android mobile application is developed by: Zen Heads Kft.

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In the case of companies, private persons: telekocsi Kft