Message board, Chat room - moderation rules

According to our rules, no such comment is allowed on our note board, which:
  • may violate the effective laws of the Hungarian Republic,
  • lacks good taste and incites hatred, or contains a link referring to webpages with such topics,
  • offends the personal rights of others (good reputation, honesty, human dignity, etc.),
  • contains unambiguously commercial type material, advertisement, promotion,
  • violates author's right.

The administrators of Motar have the right to take measures against those who use inappropriate tone, acts inappropriately and try to turn the memebrs against each other. Regarding comments written by "Guest", the threshold of tolerance is lower.

Note, not interesting to the public, for example, personal notes in connection with the service
("I cannot enter with my password" type) will also be removed by us.
Administrators do not take any responsibility for damage caused by inadequate moderation.

Please follow these rules on the message board!