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neginnn Excellent (5)
(Reply) 23. Dec. 2018. 16:30

neginnn user
hello 2 person with a small quiet dog
looking for a seat for tomorrow after 1 pm any tie is good for us
we have a big luggage
Manhal Excellent (5)
(Reply) 15. Sept. 2018. 10:25

Manhal user
Hi guys i am looking for two seats from Budapest to Pécs on tomorrow after 13, if you have any place pls tx me
(Reply) 12. Sept. 2018. 20:44

ahmadalatshan user
Hello, we are three persons, we are looking for a a ride from Szeged to Balaton lake in Friday morning 15-9-2018. If any has an offer. Please contact me. Thanks
ridealong Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 02. Sept. 2018. 00:07

ridealong user
Hi all, I am looking for 2 seats from Budapest to Split on September 4th leaving around mid-day. If anyone if heading that way please let me know!
kgrrkh Excellent (4.9)
(Reply) 16. Aug. 2018. 23:23

kgrrkh user
since some time ago whenever during the verification of my phone number, I receive no verification code.
please let me know the reason and solve this problem to be able to use motar.
thanks a lot
elifkay Excellent (5)
(Reply) 19. Jun. 2018. 02:35

elifkay user
Is it possible to find a ride from Pecs to Novi Sad? It's only 200 km but going there is so hard by bus or train. Help me out here! The date can be negotiated.
Abdi Excellent (5)
(Reply) 19. May. 2018. 18:17

Abdi user
I am looking for a driver to take me from pecs to Vienna, door to door. and please let know if you are offering the return trip.
mercykid1 Good (4.5)
(Reply) 08. May. 2018. 23:41

mercykid1 user
hi im looking for a driver to take me from debrecen to budapest airport on the 26th , me and my brother and i dont mind other passengers with us , my airplane is at 12:10 pm
(Reply) 14. Apr. 2018. 20:51

Jenny33100 user
ASAP need to get to Budapest Airport for 6 am tomorrow, coming from Pecs. Please message if you can take me. One person with just hand luggage.Thank you so much.
MariaI Excellent (5)
(Reply) 09. Apr. 2018. 09:23

MariaI user
My name is Maria and I am planning to go from Budapest to London in May using your service. I have one question: I have one little bunny with me to come. Does anyone know what kind of vaccinations doest she need to cross all the boarders?
Thank you :)