Briefly about Motar and ridesharing

What is Motar and ridesharing? Watch it on the video in two minutes.

Motar ridesharing (that is MOre Tan A Ride) started its operation by the end of November 2007. Its aim is to enable drivers wishing to travel to offer their free places, that is to be able to find travel mates in order to reduce their costs or to have a pleasant trip.
On the other hand, passengers can find a less expensive, faster and more flexible way of travelling instead of the slow public transport with "unrealiable" service. Help is provided by the driver-passenger mediator ridesharing website

How to use?

  • The first step needs you to sign up to use the website. You can sign up in the traditional way by filling in some fields, but it is faster if you sign up with your Facebook account. After signing up you can use Motar as a driver or as a passenger as well, or alternately. Go on to sign up »

  • You can post an offer about the free places of your vehicle, in case you travel by car using the website as a driver. You may post individual or regular offers as well. You can fix an individual route in the case of casual trips for one or more selected days. Posting regular route is useful if you travel on certain days every week. You only need to fix the offer only once in the website. Thus it is shown on the given days automatically until you cancel it. Post driver offer »

  • As a passenger you can search among the offers posted by drivers, if you don't have your own car or you don't insist on using it. Search driver »

  • If you don't find a suitable offer for yourself immediately, , you can set an offer monitor or post passenger offer. When you set an offer monitor, you can specify price range and the filter for driver. In posting passenger offer, you can post an offer for one day and you will be notified in email as soon as suitable driver offer is posted in the website. Set offer monitor

  • If you transport by minibus, Business Account was just invented for you. Having this, you can post offers for more than 5 places; you can determine any route fee you like. Order Business Account »

  • By authenticating your phone number you show that you can be trusted. You can set your own phone number into verified status after giving the phone number by sending SMS at normal base rate to number +36 20/408-13-98.

What makes it different from other rideshares?

Several websites with similar purposes can be found on internet. Why is it still worth using Motar?

Motar is continuously introducing new developments since 2007 so there is no other website with similar level of knowledge in Hungary. We pay attention to the opinion of our users. We reply to their questions in short term and when we are notified of errors, we correct any under the expected level. Due to this, Motar is by far the most used by those who wish to avail of ridesharing; so here you have the best chance to find a travel mate. You are at the right place. :)

General information

Anybody can use Motar ridesharing website who complies with the provisions of our Policy.
The website is under development, which means that we improve the website with new ideas coming from our users. For this reason please write your opinions, suggestions on message board, or inform us at
During its creation we put special emphasis on the question of safety and trust as well as on transparency and easy handling.


Safe ridesharing The protection of personal data is very important to us. It ensures that users with no registration cannot obtain any data about anybody. Personal data of registered users can be known only with their own consent. Another aspect of safety is confidence. The page provides enough information to both passengers and drivers about the other party as it is possible to get information about their activities. You can see the result of the objective rating of the website, the subjective opinions of others, the uploaded photos.

User-friendly features
The continuous development resulted in several modules improving the comfort of users. For example, one can post an offer for a regular route within a few seconds. Another similar advantage is the possibility of saving routes and vehicles. Our website is unique because of its automatic notification of users in email in which they are notified soon after a suitable driver posted an offer to the given route.

Why is it worth using Motar?

Highlighting only some of the several reasons; it is because Motar...

  • Comfortable: Ridesharing offers can be posted or bookings can be made within a few minutes. ("Regular route", "Saved route" options)

  • Discreet: Personal data are not public. Only those who would like to book your offer can see them.

  • Introduces the users who post offers: Profiles with photos, links to social networking sites, user and automatic ratings can introduce those who post offers.

  • Customisable offers: In ride offers it can be managed that only an acquaintance can book a place; otherwise the undesirable booker can be removed from the route. Subroutes and regular routes are also acceptable.

  • Complete: Due to the booking module, the number of free places on the given route always reflects reality.

  • Informs: Automatic email message arrives on all important events regarding your offer and booking (passenger booked, route was modified, etc.).

Founders of Motar Attila Prácser co-founder Máté Gyürüs co-founder

Founders, developers and operators (with heart and soul)

Gyürüs Máté

Attila Prácser

ex-students of the BME