Cheaper rides?

Offer your free places on Motar, share your fuel costs with the members of the community,
and travel together in a good company!

Only 3 easy steps and you can enjoy the benefits of Motar!

1. Offer your car's free seats!

Sign up into Motar carpooling system, give the details of your trip (From where - to where? When? How much?), and post your car offer. Passengers see your ad between search results in a few minutes.

2. Passengers book your seats online

Passengers book through Motar system to the offered free places.
After booking you get your passenger's data in email. Get in touch with them on phone or in online messages and consult about the details of the journey e.g. the exact place of departure and arrival, or the possible detours, etc.

3. Let's ride together!

Be there on the agreed boarding place at the right time, pick up your travelmates and travel in a good mood! :)
Your passengers pay for you at the end of the journey.

Where are you going?

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