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TALYAKLM Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 09. Dec. 2019. 19:25

please tell me what are the short letters for the telephone from Israel, so I can fulfil the request.
Thank you
(Reply) 09. Aug. 2019. 17:50

jasmineNlaurel user
Hi, Is anyone driving from Portugal to Santander or Bilbao and catching the ferry to England between the 27th and the 31st of August? We are two students travelling back home with our cat.
kindxs4all Regular (3.2)
(Reply) 05. Aug. 2019. 09:21

kindxs4all user
Booking was with korrekttrans.It sais departure times may very./picking up passangers can take time./ now I get a call I must go to some meeting point.Never was like this always from address to address.
What is times 8 with the price they charge. now must plus on taxi to spend?And they hang up/autoflotta/
Ilya Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 28. Jul. 2019. 19:57

Ilya user
I have 4 photographs on the size of 1 meter x 1 meter each and 4 photographs the size 60 cm x 60 cm each.
Looking for a ride from Leipzig to Amsterdam that I can take those photographs.
I will be glad to pay double (like I am two persons) for the favour.
The ride should be around end of August beginning September, preferably Monday,Tuesday,Thursday or Friday in daytime.
hira Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 27. Jul. 2019. 01:57

hira user
Yet1966 Excellent (4.9)
(Reply) 22. Jul. 2019. 23:58

Yet1966 user
We are a couple and looking for a ride from budapest airport to Kaposvar 24 -07, we land at 17.45
(Reply) 17. Jul. 2019. 20:59

atyourservic user
What kind of ridiculous website is this? We booked a trip and all of a sudden the driver cancels and removes the trip from Motar, meaning we cannot leave a negative experience....
owais Excellent (4.7)
(Reply) 04. Jun. 2019. 15:49

owais user
Hii... We are 3 people looking for a ride from Miskolc to Budapest Airport on 19 June. Should reach the airport before 8 am. Thank You
KANGX Has not received rating yet (0)
(Reply) 28. Apr. 2019. 22:11

KANGX user
Hello, we are two students. We are looking for a driver from Pécs to Debrecen on the morning of May 3rd. It is better to arrive at Debrecen before 13:00. thank you!
(Reply) 17. Feb. 2019. 17:37

hamid.ayat68 user
Hi we are 3 students looking for a ride from Budapest to Debrecen on Monday 8 AM. thank you